The following Booking Policy is strictly enforced here at kd hair .

We recommend all of our new and potential clients to read through the following policy before making any appointments with us. 

We thank you for your understanding.

Love, Team kd hair X


All bookings are recommended to be made as far in advance as possible as we book out very quickly. Existing clients are welcome to schedule your appointments for up to a year in advance. If you would like to become a regular client of kd hair , we recommend booking your regular appointments with kd hair after your initial service.

Appointments are offered within the specified trading hours of kd hair . Please note that no appointments will be scheduled for before or after hours.

If you are unsure or forget your booking date or time, please contact us to confirm. We will always confirm your appointments with you about a week prior to your appointment, but please be sure to confirm with us if you are unsure.

If you think you are going to be late for your appointment, please call us immediately so we can make arrangements. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, you will be required to reschedule your appointment for an alternative date and time as we will not have enough time to provide you with your full service as our appointments are scheduled back to back.

Please keep in mind that we run on a strict schedule with back to back appointments, so if you are late, it will affect the rest of our day and the rest of our clients.


If you have an appointment scheduled and you are no longer able to make it, please call us as soon as possible – please don’t just not turn up.

Any cancellations made within 48 hours of your booking will incur a 40% cancellation fee of your total scheduled service.


kd hair is committed to providing a quality service to all of our clients and do our best to deliver your desired results.

Please take into consideration the following policy:

Unfortunately, all hair is different and some hair types may not take as well to colour and lifting as others.

If you choose to bring a photo to your appointment of a colour you are hoping to achieve, please be aware that the desired colour may not always be achievable due to your particular hair type, natural colour, history of your hair being coloured and your general hair care routine. If this is the case, your stylist will notify and provide an explanation to you at your initial consultation and, where necessary, provide alternate suggestions.

Please be aware that most photo’s on the kd hair website and social media platforms are the result of months of maintenance, colouring and care from our stylists and hair care commitment from our client, and in most cases may not be achieved in one single appointment. At your initial consultation with kd hair, your stylist will discuss the options with you and come up with a hair care plan to help you achieve your desired results if you wish to become a regular client of ours.

In cases where you have been advised by a stylist that your hair may not achieve your desired results, particularly in cases where a client requests a dramatic change, please note that any unsatisfactory results will not be the responsibility of kd hair. If you are unsatisfied with the result, a repeat booking will be at the client’s cost and will incur our regular appointment waiting times.

In the case of a client being unsatisfied with the outcome of any of their appointments, we strongly urge you to notify us whilst you are still in the studio. This will ensure we can address the issue immediately and find a solution. Further charges, if applicable, will be at the discretion of the owner. If you leave the salon without letting us know, please email with supporting photographs and your case will be assessed. Please note that further action is at the discretion of the owner and charges and waiting times may apply.

Please be sure to book in any repeat bookings after your service today to avoid disappointment. If you cannot get an appointment with kd hair and go to another salon, any damages or unsatisfactory results to the initial kd hair service that require fixing will be payable by the client.

Please trust in our expertise and that the knowledge and information we provide you with today is coming from a professional perspective which is created from years of industry experience and professional training. Please trust that we will always be honest with you and give our professional opinion if your desired results are un achievable. If you do not trust our opinion or do not think we did a good enough job, please bear in mind that another hairdresser may not be able to either.


The following terms and conditions apply to all Gift Certificates:

All Gift Certificates are non refundable, non transferable for cash and must be rendered within specified expiry date to receive service. Gift Certificates are to be used with kd hair only and cannot be used to redeem makeup services through Blushed Makeup.

For Gift Certificates with a monetary value, these can be used to redeem any service with kd hair (including product purchases). Any remaining monies if not used in full can be transferred to your next service but is not available to be refunded in cash. For any services exceeding the monetary amount on voucher, the difference can be paid by cash by voucher recipient. 

For Gift Certificates with a service value (eg, full colour, foils etc), the recipient may choose to elect an alternate service if noted voucher service is not suitable to them. Only the value of the service will be transferred to new service, and monetary voucher terms apply.